Sunny Days

About me :)

Hello, I'm Cady.

Hello and welcome to my blog!! I am 13 years old and I love blythe dolls, animals (particularly frogs, owls and deer) Harry Potter, drawing, writing and all things crafty.

I have three blythe dolls: Evie (simply chocolate) Scarlett (urban cowgirl) and Daphne (simply mango). they are AWESOME!!

These are my blythe dolls:


                    Daphne (Simply Mango)



                Evie (Simply Chocolate)


(Daphne, Scarlett and Evie)


This is my dog Jelly. I also have lizards, frogs and budgies.


This is one of my lizards, Spike, who is a bearded dragon:


On my blog I will be posting about blythe dolls, my pets, craft, my friends and lots of awesome things like that!

Thanks for visiting! Please take a look around on my blog!! :)

love from,


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