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A day at Emily's!!

A day at Emily's!!
Cady - Sun Oct 09, 2011 @ 11:09PM
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Today I am FINALLy posting about my day at Emily's!! I went there last Tuesday and it was SO SO fun!! I took Evie and Daphne so they could meet Emily's, Jasper's (Emily's brother's) and Janelle's (Emily's mum's) blythe dolls!!

Emily and I had organised a swap, where I made one of these blythe carry bags...



...and Emily gave me not one but TWO of her mum's awesome awesome blythe dresses, TWO amazing crochet beanies and TWO epic miniature Frankie magazines for my blythe dolls to read!!! Emily made the beanies and magazines. Thank-you SO SO much Emily!!

When I got there we went to Sunnyside, this little museum thingy where we took some awesome photos of our blythe dolls.

Then we did some drawing, and GUESS WHAT!? I got to do a drawing for blythiful magazine!!! It is a magazine that will be printed soon and it is all about blythe and other awesome dolls!! Go HERE to find out more. It's so exciting!!

After that  we had yummy haystacks for lunch!!

We also made two stopmotions that you can see HERE if you scroll down a little, one about our two Simply Mangos seeing each other and fainting because they are identical and then becoming friends and the other about Ivy (Jasper's blythe doll) cooking a pie/cake for Evie and Elsie (Emily's blythe doll).

Emily was also extremely awesome and taught me how to crochet! Thank you so much for doing that Emily! I have been crocheting some things but I will do a separate post about that another day.

Thanks soooooooo much Emily, I had such an AWESOME day, it was really really fun!!



(Photo from Emily and Janelle)



Comments: 3


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