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Bingo and Blythe

Bingo and Blythe
Cady - Thu Jul 07, 2011 @ 11:29PM
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Last night I went to my nana's for dinner and we went to play bingo. The top prize was $240 (wow!) and I was really really hoping I would get it because then I could get two, maybe even three new blythe dolls!! I didn't though. Maybe I will get another one for Christmas.


Yesterday I made Evie a dress. I didn't have a pattern but I found a really cool dress on Etsy and I modelled it off that. It is my favourite dress of Evie's. I think she likes it too. Mum is out with the camera so I can't show you a picture, sorry, but I will show you soon.

I also made a Hogwarts uniform. I got the idea from this picture: 


Harry potter Robe set

I was going to say you could buy it from THIS SHOP, but sadly they have no more robe sets left at the moment. Maybe they might make more soon. I will post pictures of my version soon. Sorry about not having any of my pictures.

I have been looking at blythe dolls. There are a few I would like:


• Simply Mango and Guava

• Simply Sparkly Spark

• Bohemian Peace ( I have the smae blue ukulele!! :) Except my size..)


• Friendly Freckles

• Punkaholic People (I have a similar guitar to her!)

• Lot's LOT'S more!

There are so so so many blythe dolls! I love them all! I just need to save up. If I had won the money at bingo, I would have bought simply mango and guava together, and some blythe clothes and furniture!!

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